Sunday, 3 February 2013

My week in one day

Wow, what a day I have had. I usually try to avoid spending too much time in the kitchen, preferring to spent my time in my studio.  Not so today, I have spent early the whole day in the kitchen, cleaning cupboards, rearranging things around and cooking.
The rearranging started because I gave my DH his Birthday present (a coffee pod machine) a day early, having no space on the bench for it I needed to arrange cupboards to make room for the bench stuff.  What a can of worms I opened there.  Stuff in cupboards I hadn't seen for years.  Stuff I had forgotten I ever had. Stuff I thought WTF is that? So out it all went, either to the rubbish bin or the Vinnies bin.  Once that was achieved it was lunch time, after I ate my delicious vegetarian wrap it was back to the kitchen to make soap.  I have wanted to make soap for years and today seemed to be the day it happened.  My original idea was to make goats milk soap but not to be, I was short one of the ingredients, so. olive oil soap was the soap of the day.  I am so surprised just how easy it was to make, I know this won't be the last time I make soap, I already have ideas on what types I want to make.
While I was waiting for the soap to reach the right temperature I whipped up a zucchini slice for tea later in the week, another recipe I haven't made before.

The soap still wasn't the right temperature so off to my studio I went to gesso some pages of my new art journal I made yesterday morning.  I think I am really gong to like this new journal.
Still the soap wasn't the right temperature so I whipped up a crumble topping for a rhubarb, apple & blueberry dessert I made yesterday.
Then back to the studio for another spreading of gesso on pages. Not a good photo but not much to see either.
Now the soap was ready to pour into the mold!!    I have to wait 4 weeks to see if the experiment was successful, the colour is perfect for olive oil soap.

Then it was time to make chicken chow mein for tea, another recipe I haven't made before.

Oh, and in the middle of my day a large Tiger snake was seen slithering into the front garden just near the front door.  No matter how much moving of plants with a loooong handled rake it was nowhere to be seen.  Just another hazard of living in the bush.
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