Sunday, 14 April 2013

The week that was

Wow, what a week I have had.  I returned to work after 2 weeks leave to find my work colleague of a few years had moved to another department.  Naturally my first thought was about who the replacement was (just thinking about myself here).  To my amazement an unlikely person turned up within minutes introducing herself as the new receptionist.  Instantly I knew I would enjoy working with Helza as as prefers to be called.  Turns out that Helza knows my husband through a musical connection, they are both members of the same Pipe Band.  Helza give me a big hug and our new work relationship begins.
The week that was has been the least stressful week all year, Helza and I get on like a house on fire!!!!!!  We have lots in common, both love organisation in the office, are creative souls (Helza has a Fine Arts Degree) so needless to say I have been talking art all week, OMG it is so lovely to talk to a like minded co-worker who knows I'm 'normal'.  Helza  makes amazing art, can't wait to see it in person, phone photos don't do it justice.
The band had a social gathering last night so we met up again.  I met up with old friends I have known for half a lifetime but haven't seen for many years.  I used to be a Pipe Band groupy in my younger years until I woke up one day and realise it was my husbands pass time not mine.  I retreated to the background only to come forth last night.  Good food, good wine and good company prevailed.
Unfortunately I awoke with a migraine this morning and spent the day in bed until 1.00, what a waste of a good day.  But, not to worry. As soon as i was able to eat crumpets and down a good cup of tea I was into my art.  I just couldn't let a weekend go by without creative interaction.  I spent the afternoon creating a collage page to cut up for use in my new art journal (photos soon).

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Move the mess, no big deal

Just clear the desk he said, no big deal.  Clearly my husband has no idea how precious the 'mess' on an artists desk is.
I was doing a spot of Op Shop browsing yesterday when I came across a gorgeous Roman blind that would be perfect for my art room.  If it didn't fit the window it wouldn't matter because it only cost $5 and I could use it for a pattern for the Roman blinds I want to make for my sun room.
It is just a tiny bit narrower than the window but I can live with that.
Now I have more light in my room I can see there is a lot of mess that really does need clearing.  In fact there is a lot of mess in my world that needs clearing so off I go to not make a 'big deal' about clearing my mess.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

My week in one day

Wow, what a day I have had. I usually try to avoid spending too much time in the kitchen, preferring to spent my time in my studio.  Not so today, I have spent early the whole day in the kitchen, cleaning cupboards, rearranging things around and cooking.
The rearranging started because I gave my DH his Birthday present (a coffee pod machine) a day early, having no space on the bench for it I needed to arrange cupboards to make room for the bench stuff.  What a can of worms I opened there.  Stuff in cupboards I hadn't seen for years.  Stuff I had forgotten I ever had. Stuff I thought WTF is that? So out it all went, either to the rubbish bin or the Vinnies bin.  Once that was achieved it was lunch time, after I ate my delicious vegetarian wrap it was back to the kitchen to make soap.  I have wanted to make soap for years and today seemed to be the day it happened.  My original idea was to make goats milk soap but not to be, I was short one of the ingredients, so. olive oil soap was the soap of the day.  I am so surprised just how easy it was to make, I know this won't be the last time I make soap, I already have ideas on what types I want to make.
While I was waiting for the soap to reach the right temperature I whipped up a zucchini slice for tea later in the week, another recipe I haven't made before.

The soap still wasn't the right temperature so off to my studio I went to gesso some pages of my new art journal I made yesterday morning.  I think I am really gong to like this new journal.
Still the soap wasn't the right temperature so I whipped up a crumble topping for a rhubarb, apple & blueberry dessert I made yesterday.
Then back to the studio for another spreading of gesso on pages. Not a good photo but not much to see either.
Now the soap was ready to pour into the mold!!    I have to wait 4 weeks to see if the experiment was successful, the colour is perfect for olive oil soap.

Then it was time to make chicken chow mein for tea, another recipe I haven't made before.

Oh, and in the middle of my day a large Tiger snake was seen slithering into the front garden just near the front door.  No matter how much moving of plants with a loooong handled rake it was nowhere to be seen.  Just another hazard of living in the bush.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

My word for 2013 has arrived

Unlike most of you who will read this blog entry, the word of the year is very new to me.  I am late starting this blog hop because I just couldn’t find a work that was suitable.  I could choose 2 words but that would be breaking the rules and I am very much a rule abider.  So the word I have chosen for 2013 is CONFIDENCE.

Wikipedia says: Confidence is generally described as a state of being certain either that a hypothesis or prediction is correct or that a chosen course of action is the best or most effective. Self-confidence is having confidence in oneself.

I have only recently had the confidence to show any of my art work on this blog.  I don't have a very big following here so I should have all the confidence in the world showing it off. 

Two projects I am going to accomplish this year with CONFIDENCE are:- running a book binding class and a Mandala/Meditation workshop at the local Art/Craft co-op.  I have procrastinated for several years about my experience, ability, talent or knowledge in these 2 subjects.  I know in my heart I can create a successful workshop but the word CONFIDENCE keeps plugging away in the back of my mind because my CONFIDENCE has been hiding for years this is the year for it to bloom.  

I will be updating my Word of the year page regularly so check back to see how my CONFIDENCE is being challenged.

Monday, 21 January 2013

The week just gone

I have been watching lots of video tutorials for the last week.  I have discovered ( I have no idea where) the beautiful blog of Jennibellie I am totally inspired by everything on this blog.

I love this paper flower tutorial, the possibilities are endless, I am really pleased with the way mine turned out.  I used gloss photo paper and the result was great, with very strong petals that won't bend easily.

I made an art journal from recycled cereal boxes (actually mine was made from recycled cat food boxes)
I made some ATC's for swaps on Swap Bot.  This one is a watercolour sea creature swap.  I used Twinkling H2O's to create the background and turtle.  It is hard to see the finished effect but the shimmer is really lovely and the feel of the cardboard is very silky after using these paints.
I uses home made alcohol inks to create this paper, I just love how it turned out.  I used gloss photo paper, I only had one sheet left so can;t wait to get some more to create more papers for paper flowers.

All in all I am very satisfied with my creative efforts this week.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Hello 2013

Hello Lovelies, Happy New Year.
I spent New Years Eve with family at our local New Years gathering.  The outside venue was pack considering it was such a windy evening.  We usually stay until the end but last night was an exception, our family group left after the 9.30 fire works. The fire works display was as spectacular as usual unfortunately my camera didn't capture the sparkles in all their glory. I have missed the Sydney fireworks at midnight for a few years now because of our family night out but last night I was home in time to watch the New Year fireworks on the TV.  I know I am biased but I have to say Australia does fireworks displays to equal anything the rest of the world can do.   These are some of my pictures from last night with the exception of the beautiful Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Fireworks from Sydney

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