Monday, 31 December 2012

Looking back over 2012

Here are some of my highlights of 2012.  I am not organised enough today to write a blog post about the year so, I'm posting some photos of the highlights.
After having looked through my photos I am amazed at what has happened this year.

My brush with fame at Salamanca Place Hobart.  
Master chef was filming for the latest series
Vision board I created.  
By the way, I did drop a dress size but gained the weight back.  
So, I know I can lose weight!!

Piece of art I created to remind me who I am

I did this painting after watching a video tutorial by Cheryl Urwin

 Another piece of art from a video.  
I can't remember who the tutor was for this piece.

Youngest Grand Daughter

My new Daughter in Law.
She is from Ohio.

Dottie Jean's 83rd Birthday
If she knew she was featured on the web she would not be amused.

A collage piece 

Eldest Grand Daughter

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