Saturday, 22 September 2012

Spring has Sprung

I have come to realize a fact of life-I do not function well in winter.
I sit curled up by the fire, staring at both the TV and my laptop, feeling depressed and alone, thinking dull thoughts and believing the world is against me.  The copious amounts of vitamin D I have consumed over the winter just haven't snapped me out of my gloominess. Then suddenly, one day (like today) I wake up, the sun is shining through my bedroom window and I emerge, my long withdrawal from life is over and I breath again. 
Forget the Sounds of Silence. The sounds of spring through my open front door is what today is all about. Cows, birds, sun, smells!!! The doors and windows are open, I am wearing light clothing, washing is drying on the line, no heating needed till tea time. OMG, I have sooooo missed these small things during the cold bleak winter!!
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